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100% ecological

Scrubbie is made from 100% untreated natural jute of high and densely woven quality. Jute is a vegetable fiber that is spun into strong threads. Jute is one of the cheapest natural fibers and, after cotton, the most commonly used. Jute scrub gloves are widely used in the hammam.

An ode to jute!

Jute is sustainable. Jute has a very low CO2 footprint Jute has a very low water footprint Jute has a very low ecological footprint Jute is Cradle to Cradle Jute is biodegradable and 100% compostable Jute is extremely strong. Jute is reusable and therefore environmentally friendly.

Jute is hip and trendy!

Scrubbie, is a feel good scrub cloth that exfoliates and rejuvenates your skin.

Scrubbie is made from 100% ecological and washable jute. Handmade by Dutch Social development foundation Driestroom.

So Feel good, with your softer, smoother, & more youthful-looking skin and you contribution to a good cause!


Tarweweg 1G

6534 AM Nijmegen

(The Netherlands)

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