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Feel Social!

Scrubbie is made in close colaboration with Stichting Driestroom. This foundation is experienced in guiding and supporting people with a disability or people with a disadvantage on the labour market.

Driestroom hosts learning and working projects on several locations. All Driestroom trainees receive professional coaching by experienced supervisors.

Driestroom believes that everyone should and can be a valuable member of society, whether they have a disability or not. At Driestroom, everyone is able to work on their own level and at their own pace. Trainees aspire to be a full member of society, as much as possible and in all aspects: living, learning and working.

Support and guidance are focused towards development. Personal growth is an important part of everyday happiness. This is the goal that both Driestroom and Scrubbie work hard for on a daily basis.


Scrubbie, is a feel good scrub cloth that exfoliates and rejuvenates your skin.

Scrubbie is made from 100% ecological and washable jute. Handmade by Dutch Social development foundation Driestroom.

So Feel good, with your softer, smoother, & more youthful-looking skin and your contribution to a good cause!


Tarweweg 1G

6534 AM Nijmegen

(The Netherlands)

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